3 Weeks Left..

Been extremely busy! Finally decided final lay out for final piece. As well as a fine art installation I want it to hold a Native American atmosphere and spiritual feeling. By this I mean to place lit candles at the exhibition of my final piece, as well as incense sticks to fill a smokey atmosphere of sensations.

Through experimentation I have decided to use a mixture of; painting, lino print, drawing, using image maker, sewing, textiles, photography and typography to create my art. I may possibly decide to screen print if I have the time, which so far, with this much to do doesn’t seem likely therefore I chose to go for lino printing as a fast, quick alternative to produce many outcomes and practises.


Start of the Easter hols!

Very strange that I want my outcome to be a combination, multi-media piece, mainly including illustrations.. But the thought of drawing scares me. Why? Because I am a painter. Many people believe in order to paint, you need to be able to draw. In some cases that is correct, you need brief drawing skills to mark out your subject on the canvas. Though even after having life drawing sessions, I still don’t feel confident with pure illustration art. I feel most comfortable with a paintbrush in hand.

Then it occurred to me, why am I forcing my self to draw animals, which would just progressively get more complicated when trying to create my own creatures and food chain? Yeah I’ll give drawing a go, perhaps some experiments with water colour and collage, perhaps I’ll end up enjoying it and feeling confident about illustration. If after practising I do not feel this way, no biggie. I’ll just continue on with painting exercises. I have quite a bit of practise painting people, though never animals, so this could be interesting..

James Aldridge

ImageDiscovered the work of James Aldridge from word of mouth by a student colleague after my ‘pitch’ session.

James’s influence is the relationship between the human race and the surrounding natural world. What intrigued me about his work was his use of multi-media which I am ALL for! Collage, illustration, fine art, photography, installation, textiles.. everything! Which is exactly my type of art I love to produce, and hope to create for my final exhibition.

I thought about using his techniques with a vintage theme to create my food web upon a wall. Each drawing will be different than the last, a variety of experiments, surfaces and materials used to portray my future depictions of animal species. Really excited to get going!


Ancient traditions are pretty damn cool.

Earth DNA


What is an Animal Totem?

The phrase “animal totem” literally means a symbolic representation of your animal guide; such as a crest, a totem pole, an emblem, a small figurine, or anything else that depicts your animal guide. A totem could be symbolic for a whole tribe, clan or family – or just an individual. However, the phrase “animal totem” also means “animal guide”, receiving spiritual assistance from an animal.

Shamans throughout the world have relied on the guidance and wisdom of spirit animals for thousands of years. Totems have been used in shamanistic practice as far back as human history stretches, it is one of the oldest forms of magick in the world. Hunters would paint the form of their prey on walls during ceremonies to bless the coming hunt with good fortune, and to acknowledge, bless and thank the spirit of the…

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Native American Influence!


Beautiful cultural art! After looking deep into animal symbolism -including Chinese Zodiac Signs, Buddhism and after life beliefs, and Native American Animal Spirits- I found myself really engrossed in the belief system an symbolism behind sacred animals. Common animals of worship being: The bear, wolf, deer, lion and eagle.

According to Native American beliefs, we all have a main animal spirit which has its main influence upon us through out life, though different animal spirits may come in and out of our life, depending on which guide we require through out life. Animal spirits choose us, we do not choose them. They act as a guide on our journey through life.

There are a variety of animal characteristics and meanings, which helps me understand animal symbolism in the deepest perspective. I have chosen Native American symbolism to influence my own food chain depicting the future of the Earth’s inhabitants and how chemicals and global affairs may affect the future ecosystem of the natural world.

I suspect metamorphosis to take place within animals as the world ages, and epidemics occur from the way we treat it. Therefore I am creating my own food web of the temperate kind (forests, woodland) rather than tropical or polar food webs because they do not relate to the Native American background as temperate does. This is the developing idea towards my final piece. A large scale depiction of how the food web of temperate environments may change due to metamorphosis occurring within the evolution of animals all due to the effect of global affairs in years to come.


So Electric!

Here’s an experiment I did on the 11th March. ImageImageIllustration, edited into Graphic Design.

Left, is the original – I first cut out a silhouette wolf portrait in my sketch book. I then used inks, watercolour, lots o’ water, and spray paint with acrylic to create a nebula inspired silhouette. (Which was previously interesting from washed up paint colours in the sink I found the other week).

Featured above right, is one of the edits. It feels somehow electric and live, pulsing with energy. It’s vibrancy and ghostly allure is empowering. Being a techno-phobe as previously stated, I actually used Picasa 3 to create this piece (Not Photoshop!). It’s amazing the pieces you can create with similar software – if the best software cannot be used, use an alternative! Make do with what you have at the time! This is my first of many graphic design experiments to follow..

                    Quite exciting since I’ve never done anything like this before yeeeehaw.


March Update

Well It’s been a while..
7TH MARCH 2013:
Initially I thought I had come up with an ingenius idea relating to my theme of ‘The Natural World’ for unit 7.. This being myself illustrating the mythological beasts and stories behind the ‘House of Night Series’ written by P.C and Kristin Cast. Because I know the books inside and out, I thought this would be a great idea to kick off my interest of creating beasts and creatures. Image

However after my pitch session with tutors and students, they helped transform my idea into something better and more independant. ‘The House of Night’ series can be an inspiration to my project of “The Natural World”, but not the final clue to my final exhibition.

I know I definitely want to study animals, symbolism and species to create creatures and beasts not existing in the real world today. Therefore it was suggested that my more refined and focused project title is infact “The Metamorphism of animals”. How will today’s society filled with chemicals affect our food chain?

These chemicals affect the body of the food we eat. A cow eats grass which may be infected, and we eat that cow for beef etc. In years to come, how will evolution react to these chemicals and possible threats to the food chain? I am going to study how chemicals from today may affect the planet’s animal inhabitants in the future. Voila. Metamorphosis!